5. Affiliate program, bonuses and sweepstakes

How to get affiliate bonuses to your account in Saleer?

Share your affiliate link, which is located in the “Settings” – “Rewards” section, with friends and partners and get 1% of all successful transactions made by users you invited.


– The rewards do not apply to exchanges that you made with your higher referrer.

– The percentage of the bonus from the transaction can be reduced to 0.7% in some cases.

– The user you invited will become your partner (referral) only if he has not previously been registered in the bot.

How to participate in sweepstakes and contests?

Get 1% of the trading volume every month and take part in the sale of valuable prizes from Saleer!

Terms of the draw – on our blog: https://blog.saleer.com

To participate in the Saleer Rewards Program, you must:

  1. Create your own cryptocurrency exchange listing in Saleer in any of the proposed areas: t.me/SaleerBot
  2. Carry out at least one transaction for any amount in a calendar month.

Each client is assigned a unique member number.  The drawing is held monthly on the last day of the month at 21:00 Moscow time.  The results can be monitored in an online broadcast in your Instagram profile. Using the random.org service, winners are determined, which the organizers will notify of the win within 24 hours by means of a personal message on Telegram.  Since the Saleer service positions itself as an anonymous and secure exchanger, the announcement of the winners of the competition is not public.

* It is allowed to receive a prize in the equivalent of BTC to the account at Saleer at the exchange rate on the day of the draw.

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