4. User profile

Black list

If for any reason inconvenience to deal with certain users, you can add them to the black list.  After that, the service will not offer you to conclude transactions with the specified user, and you will not see his ads.

To add a user to the black list, you need to click on his name, go to his profile and select “Block”.

If you mistakenly blocked a user, you can remove him from the black list by going to his profile or by opening the “Black List” tab in the “Settings” tab of the main command window.

Privacy settings

By going from the main command window to “Settings”, you will be able to choose privacy settings.  You can configure the visibility of your profile, the ability to send messages, as well as see the display of your own profile with other users and go to the “Black List”.

Message exchange

For the convenience of user communication in the process of preparing, executing and discussing transactions, by default we have added the ability to exchange messages, which you can disable in the privacy settings.

The text of your messages should not contain details, advertising, insults, information about additional commissions.

Language and Currency

By default, the service analyzes your personal Telegram settings and, based on them, sets the default language and currency.  You can change them in the “Settings” section of the main command window.