3. Wallet

How can I create a wallet?

The function of storing and transferring money is standard in the service, and its additional activation is not required.  Go to the “Wallet” section, click “Receive” and select one of the cryptocurrencies. In the command window, you will see the details of your reusable wallet in the service.

The wallet has the ability to replenish / withdraw cryptocurrency, the generation of gift checks (Gift cards), as well as the ability to receive transaction history.

How can I replenish my wallet?

There are several ways to replenish your wallet:

  • Top up from an external wallet

To replenish a wallet from an external wallet (service), use the “Wallet” – “Receive” section and select a cryptocurrency.  A reusable individual address will be generated for you through which you can replenish your wallet in the service.

  • Fund your wallet using a convenient payment method:

– Method 1

Go to the “Buy” section, select the cryptocurrency, the desired payment method, an announcement that is suitable for the conditions, and start a transaction.

– Method 2

Click the “Create offer” button, select the cryptocurrency you want to buy, specify a convenient payment method, set the rate and restrictions.  After the taker accepts your conditions, start a deal.

How can I withdraw funds?

You can withdraw funds in the following ways:

1. Withdraw funds to an external wallet.

Go to the “Wallet” – “Send” section and select the desired cryptocurrency.  Enter the withdrawal amount and the address of the external wallet. Please note that there is a minimum amount for withdrawal in each direction.

* The transaction fee is deducted from your balance sheet, and not from the withdrawal amount.

* There may be delays in crediting and sending funds, since the time for confirming transactions depends on the bandwidth of the network itself, and not on our service.

* Successful withdrawal applications cannot be canceled.

2. Selling cryptocurrency through our service.

– Method 1

Go to the “Sell” section and select the cryptocurrency to be sold, the desired payment method, the announcement that is suitable for the conditions, and start the transaction.

– Method 2

Click the “Create offer” button, select the cryptocurrency you want to sell, specify a convenient payment method, set the rate and restrictions. After the taker accepts your conditions, start a deal.

Why is the fiat wallet amount constantly changing?

Wallet balance in a certain currency is a variable value.  The cryptocurrency rate is constantly changing, and with it the balance of your wallet in the fiat currency of your choice changes.

How can I create and present a gift check?

A gift check is a cash check that you can generate and send to someone from your contacts.  When generating a gift check, a unique code is created, the owner of which will be able to activate it and credit your funds to his balance.

You can create a gift check in the “Wallet” section – “Write out a check”, and you can activate a check by clicking on the unique link and clicking the “Start” button.

What are the fees for using a wallet?

The cryptocurrency seller is exempt from paying a commission in the service.  Only the buyer pays a commission on the amount of cryptocurrency purchased in the amount of 1%.  When sending funds from the service to an external wallet, the commission for miners is also deducted from the amount, the size of which can be found using the / fees service command.

How to see the history of all wallet transactions?

An extract of all transactions can be found in the “Wallet” – “Transaction History” section, by selecting the cryptocurrency that interests you.

What is confirmation?

Confirmation of the transaction is necessary to prevent the reuse of the same money.  As soon as the sender transfers the funds, the transaction enters the cryptocurrency network for processing and inclusion in the block.

It is the process of adding a transaction to the found block called transaction confirmation, one block includes one confirmation.

As soon as your transaction receives confirmation, the coins become available for further use.

The speed of confirmation depends on many factors, such as the workload of the cryptocurrency network itself, the amount of the commission indicated during the transfer, the speed of the Internet connection, the technical health of the resource where your wallet is located, etc.

Transactions that have not yet been processed and confirmed by miners are stored in the memory of nodes in the pool (mempool):


While the transaction is stored in the pool (mempool), it is not visible in the Blockchain Explorer:

 https://blockchain.info, https://blockexplorer.com

Sometimes a transaction can be stored in a pool (mempool) for 6 to 48 hours.  On average, transaction confirmation lasts from 30 minutes to several hours, but sometimes it takes up to 6 days if the Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin / Dash / Monero network is congested.

I made a mistake with the address when withdrawing funds.  What to do?

If your operation is successfully processed, it is impossible to cancel the withdrawal and return funds back.  If the operation is still being processed, then immediately contact support: http://t.me/SaleerHelpBot.