How to start trading cryptocurrency anonymously, without going public, without your own website, without commissions, and with minimal risk

Today, there are many ways to trade cryptocurrency.  Most of them provide for either passing verification (KYC) and subsequent trading on the exchange or using the “manual mode” with monitoring the rates of numerous exchangers. 

In the first case, confidentiality suffers, in the second – finances (commissions from each exchange and disadvantageous courses).

The Saleer service will help resolve these issues.  Here everyone who wants to buy or sell cryptocurrency is found, bypassing exchanges and exchanges.  Each exchange here is carried out using an integrated anonymized script, and the commission is paid only when the cryptocurrency is withdrawn, regardless of the number of transactions and the amounts made.  For more information on the principles of the Saleer service, see the instructions.

The main advantages of working through the Saleer service

1. Minimization of losses with commission systems

When replenishing an internal wallet in the Saleer service, you do not pay a commission.  When making transactions on the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency inside the Saleer service, you also pay nothing.  The only case of commission payment is 1% when withdrawing cryptocurrency funds from the Saleer service internal wallet.

2. Possibility of a deferred sale at the rate that suits you

Not comfortable with your current selling or buying rate?  No problem! Assign your terms of sale for each direction, hold the cryptocurrency until the desired financial microclimate occurs on the market and get the desired profit.

3. The specificity and invariance of the original terms of the transaction

The Saleer service does not provide the ability to change the terms of the transaction.  Therefore, after the completion of the exchange, you are guaranteed to receive funds at the rate with which you initially agreed.

4. Quick transaction

No tiring exchange expectations.  The whole process does not take even 5 minutes if there is an interested buyer.

5. Complete anonymity and security

The Saleer service does not ask you for any information.  We do not need your phone number, your e-mail, your IP address or cookie data.  Here, each of your transactions is anonymous and safe.

6. Quick withdrawal of funds

The withdrawal script is configured in such a way that the funds from the Saleer internal wallet are sent to your wallet in full, minus the commission automatically and without delay.

7. The ability to use the platform for independent cryptocurrency trading

Set your terms of purchase and sale, accept current offers of other sellers, if they suit you.  You no longer need to overtake cryptocurrency and fiat between users, losing a commission. Create your market strategy in the Saleer service and follow it.

Saleer has also some certain disadvantages.

1. The lack of the necessary amount for the exchange

The participants in the exchange are people like you.  And it is quite possible that at the current time you will not be able to sell the desired amount at the current rate.  However, you can always create your offer for sale and wait for a suitable buyer in manual mode, having received an appropriate notification.

2. Lack of seller or buyer online

It is not always possible to complete a transaction due to the lack of an online seller.  However, such situations are not widespread and, as a rule, are blocked by alternative offers or offer deals, where you are already acting as a seller.

3. Commission when withdrawing cryptocurrency

As soon as it becomes necessary to withdraw cryptocurrency partially or completely from the Saleer wallet, you can do this instantly in automatic mode.  However, it should be borne in mind that in this case the commission will be debited.

4. Long-term receipt of cryptocurrency on the internal Saleer wallet (in some cases, up to 1 hour)

We cannot influence the operation of the blockchain, therefore, in some cases, the transfer of funds may take some time due to external factors.

5. Lack of the necessary exchange direction (for specific transactions)

Service Saleer is constantly developing and adding new directions of exchange for the work.  However, it is worthwhile to understand that in a specific direction (for example, when exchanging a low-volatility cryptocurrency for units of some not very popular fiat service), the offered offer may be closed for a long time.

If confidentiality and financial gain are paramount, Saleer wins both exchanges and exchangers.  However, if it is necessary to carry out an unusual exchange direction or for large amounts of exchange, the seller may have to wait time for the offer to close successfully.