How to start your own online exchanger using only the Saleer service functionality

The world of cryptocurrencies, due to its high volatility and profitability, provides us today with almost unlimited opportunities not only for investing, but also for effective trading. 

However, novice cryptocurrency traders in the process of studying a niche face four main problems:

  1. the need to undergo KYC verification on the vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges, which leads to the deanonymization of the trader;
  2. the need to use serious savings (from 10 BTC) for profitable trading;
  3. large losses on commissions during the trading process;
  4. the need to use complex software systems, signal bots, auto trading programs, as well as to carry out high-precision costing of processes.

To solve the problems described, cryptocurrency trading in Saleer will help:

  • in the Saleer service, created on the basis of the Telegram bot, you can start any exchange instantly and without any verification, and each user can independently set privacy parameters;
  • for trading in Saleer in all areas of cryptocurrencies, you can work with amounts from $ 100 in equivalent, and you can carry out actual transactions without any lower limit on sales;
  • the absence of a service commission for deposit and withdrawal, the absence of hidden fees, the absence of a commission for a cryptocurrency seller distinguishes the service from online exchangers and cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Saleer does not require your regular intervention: you simply set limits, become attached to the exchange rate of a convenient exchange and set your commission percentage.

Consider the example of creating your own exchanger in the direction Payeer – BTC – Payeer.  We choose Bitcoin (BTC) as the most popular cryptocurrency, and Yandex.Money as the most stable payment system that does not charge a fee when transferring money using a mobile application.

First you need to decide on the size of your commission.  We recommend setting a commission of at least 1.5%, which will cover your costs when buying a cryptocurrency and paying a fee to miners when depositing / withdrawing a cryptocurrency to a service.  The lower the commission, the higher the likelihood that your offer will be at the top of the list of all available ads in this direction.

Let’s say that you have only $780 and 0.1 BTC.  Taking your total costs of 1.1%, we will set a commission equal to 2.1% of the Coinmarketcap rate.  Actual income at the exchange rate will be 1% of the transaction amount.

Suppose that in a month you completed only 10 cycles of exchanging the entire amount of $1 900 ($780 USD in the Payeer wallet and $1090 USD from the BTC exchange in equivalent).  Even with such low volumes, the profitability of one cycle will be $19, and the monthly profit – $190 USD. At the same time, you will spend no more than a couple of hours on exchanges. The annual return index will be more than about 120%!  At the same time, you are absolutely independent of the Bitcoin exchange rate. Do not forget that with an increase in profitability, the turnover of your anonymous and reliable Internet exchanger based on the Saleer service also grows, for the creation of which you did not spend a cent!