Why are cryptocurrency rates more profitable at Saleer than on exchanges or Bestchange?

In previous articles, we introduced you to the Saleer service and its functionality. Today we will tell you why it is more profitable to buy and sell crypto at Saleer than on the sites of the BestChange aggregator and on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why are cryptocurrency rates more profitable at Saleer than on exchanges or Bestchange?

Let’s consider the exchange rates at Saleer, Bestchange and on the Poloniex exchange as of December 10 in the direction of “BTC to MASTERCARD”:

1. Saleer: $ 7469,01 for 1 BTC:

2. Bestchange: $ 6945,31 for 1 BTC:

3. Poloniex: $ 7198,3 for 1 BTC:

Why the rate at Saleer is much more profitable?

1. No seller commission

The service takes a commission only from the buyer of the cryptocurrency. The seller exchanges the amount without commission losses.

2. No operator bot support costs

All payments in the bot are automated, which means that Saleer administration has no costs in the form of salaries for additional operators and can configure the bot to work without any commission.

3. Linking the rate to an exchange or other sources

The seller and the buyer become attached to the online cryptocurrency exchange rate, which changes “on the fly”. Trying to achieve the maximum current attractiveness of the offer, they set more favorable rates than, for example, cryptocurrency exchanges, working with a minus commission.

4. Using the bot by the wholesaler “on stream”

A number of sellers prefer not to create their own online exchanges, but to work anonymously exclusively in the SaleerBot shell. Creating their own exchange conditions here, they automate the wholesale and scalping purchase process with a minimum commission, since they do not pay a commission on the sale of cryptocurrency.